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We’re about communication.

In fact, our whole business is about effective communication between you, your customers, and us. Our commitment to effective communication begins with energetic and passionate people. Our people. We love giving passionate people real opportunities. There’s nothing better than working with a loyal team, dedicated to achieving every thing you hope to – and one you can depend on when things get tough. Our people understand the importance of talking to your customers and they understand that they are representing you with everything they say and everything they do. That’s why they are our most important resource and why they will be your greatest asset. We’ve been around for a while now, and although we’ve grown up and become successful, we prefer to stay at a size that allows us to stay connected to our partners. So – as you would expect – everything we have is best in class from applications to education, from infrastructure to technology, we continue to invest in our future. It’s why we are nimble and responsive and able to meet any challenge that comes our way.

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cit•y (sĭt′ē)
n. pl. cit•ies

  1. A centre of population, commerce, and culture; a town of significant size and importance.
  2. A place or situation characterised by a specified attribute.

Although we handle millions of calls a year, we don’t 'see' ourselves as a contact centre; we’re a busy, bustling, thriving, modern 'city' where people meet; where new ideas are exchanged, and where we share a common goal. The drive to achieve - both personally and collectively. We are made up of a unique group of individuals who are creative, ambitious, collaborative, and genuine. Our city has 8,000+ hand picked individuals that work hard to ensure the performance culture of our city remains strong and true. It takes a collective of like-minded individuals to run our city and ensure that together we achieve the best possible outcome for our partners and us. That’s why we take ownership and we collaborate because (we think) it’s the only way to be.

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Fast Facts:

  • Largest international contact centre in South Africa with 8,000+ employees and room for much more
  • Specialists in Customer Lifecycle Management
  • Skilled labour pool experienced in supporting complex products and regulatory requirements
  • A first world infrastructure including international telecom connectivity, technology support and data protection frameworks
  • A cost base that is more than 40% lower than the UK, USA, and Australian markets

Our Expertise.

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We’re only as good as our people.

Our success to date has been based almost solely on the quality of our people – all 8,000+ of them. We identify and recruit people that exhibit the traits necessary to be successful in an international contact centre. And unashamedly, we openly state that CCI South Africa is not for everyone. We have extraordinary expectations of our people and we have deliberately set the bar high to be selected. To be chosen you must be smart, be friendly, be capable, be passionate and be authentic. Because every interaction we manage on behalf of our partners must build brand loyalty, create a positive customer experience, or leave the customer with more than they had before they called. If you can do that, we will train, mentor, nurture and develop you into a world-class Sales or Customer Care professional. But if you can’t do that – CCI South Africa isn’t the place for you. It’s true that what we offer is available from many other leading contact centres, but our real difference is our people and the unique rapport and connection we have with every one of them. Assisting our partners to stay ahead and adapt in an ever-changing and competitive market is a challenge we take pride in. We’re proud of who we are and what we’ve accomplished – but none of it is possible without the many skilled and passionate people that make us uniquely effective at what we do.

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It’s in our blood to strive for new challenges and continually evolve as we find new ways to enhance the experience of each and every customer. Being aware and ready to respond rapidly to an ever-changing market with new opportunities is what we’re built for. We rely on our experience and trust our process. Listening - and we mean really listening - to our customers creates a personal and emotional connection that gives us the winning edge. It’s for this reason that we’re recognised as a specialist in Customer Lifecycle Management through all channels - inbound, outbound and digital.

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We are who we are.
We mean what we say.

We value trust, fairness, honesty, development and growth. So our approach is straightforward; develop partnerships based on mutual respect, trust and understanding and invest in that partnership by ensuring that our business aligns with the needs, expectations and ambitions of our partners. If we think there is a better way – we’ll tell you. Or, if we can’t do something – we’ll tell you. We believe that you’ll always get further through being open and honest – regardless of the situation. Developing mutual trust allows us both to grow faster, produce more and become better at what we both do. And because we believe that a strong code of ethics lays the foundation of all our values, this comes across in everything we do.


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- Walt Disney

Clear communication makes us great conversationalists.

For us it’s all about having a meaningful conversation that’s clear and achieves all our objectives effectively. In South Africa, English is the most widely used language in business, politics and the media. This gives us the advantage of a neutral accent, making us globally understood. We also have a unique edge when it comes to communicating with people from different cultural backgrounds. South Africa’s rich cultural diversity makes it easy for us to adapt and integrate with different cultures around the world. It’s because of our cultural integration and neutral accent that we can create a real and significant connection with your customers. And they love it.


With so many features, you can’t help but see the benefits.

Our home was purpose-built to get the best out of our people. We understand that to succeed at what you do, you have to be passionate about it. So we researched our peoples’ needs, tailor-built our environment to their specific requirements and created the best work and social environment in the industry expressly for our people. From high ceilings and large windows in the workspace, to small intimate breakout areas in the Wellness Centre, careful consideration was given to every colour, texture, fabric and perspective to stimulate and generate our high-performance culture. We understand the importance of peoples’ surroundings and how it improves performance – theirs and yours.

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Live - Work - Play

We selected our current location because of its easy walking distance to and from Gateway Shopping Centre, and the direct access to the Chris Saunders Park outside our door. This, combined with easy transport links has created the ideal inner city working environment. The Live - Work - Play lifestyle is a reality for our people. Huge, panoramic views of the Chris Saunders Park can be seen from every floor. Our top floor houses an auditorium, training and education facilities, as well as apartments for visiting guests and features large open landscaped terraces and spectacular 180-degree views of the Indian Ocean and the Umhlanga Town Centre - marking this as one of the most attractive working environments in the country. The building was designed around the need for large and efficient office footprints that enable us to blend our campaign teams, with rest areas and training zones. The building orientation was chosen to ensure that the optimum level of energy efficiency was achieved. An onsite back-up generator means we will never stop operating, and our regulated air-conditioning system ensures we never get hot under the collar.

The lift foyers were specifically designed to manage high peak traffic times and provide direct staff-only access to our secure multi-storey car park and sheltered taxi drop off points. Our onsite Wellness Centre is equipped with a gymnasium, a dentist, a doctor, a nurse, a counsellor and a hair & beauty salon. And all of these facilities are available to our people and their family members. The ground floor also houses our training facilities, café and restaurant, which open out onto landscaped terraces – ideal for entertaining, socialising or grabbing a quick bite before, during or after work. Located only 15 kilometres from Durban’s CBD and a mere 10 kilometres from King Shaka International Airport, our two state-of-the-art buildings have capacity for over 5,000 people – and plenty of room to grow.

CCI Interior of CCI House
CCI Interior of CCI House
CCI Interior of CCI House
CCI Interior of CCI House
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CCI Building

Regional & National Winner of
Wellness in the Workplace Awards 2015.

BPESA was founded in 2002 to promote and develop the IT-enabled services industry in South Africa, with a focus on contact centres. It is highly respected within the industry and serves to recognise the top performers in the industry. As a member, we are honoured to have won the Regional & National Wellness in the Workplace-Innovation Programmes for Employee Health &  Wellness Awards 2015.

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